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I want to leave! Take me home!

So now here's the part that I'm SURE everyone has been waiting for, a small biography on me. ^_^

Come on! I'm sure you were dying to know about me....admit it. ^_~

ANYWAYS....here's the stitch...

Name: Caitlin (or Cate, Cait, Caitie, whatever....)

Birthday: 7 April 1983

Present state of residence: Minnesota

Status: Happily taken.

Field of Study/What school are you going to?: Medical Transcription at Rasmussen College

Hobbies: Drawing (when I feel like it), Hanging out with my friends, Cooking (when I feel like it), Watching anime, Reading, Spending time online (being a total forum whore...^^;), Chatting with my friends online, Playing Dance Dance Revolution, Going to anime conventions, Making cosplay costumes (when I feel like it)

Screennames: On AIM it's Dustbunny Fishie, on Gaia it's Caitiebear, on DDRFreak it's Caitiebear.

And if I want to get a hold of you some other way....:Oh yeah! My e-mail is caitriordan@hotmail.com

I'm sure he can use that tongue for a better purpose.